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Experience the pinnacle of performance and innovation with our state-of-the-art Water Rower. Engineered to perfection, this rowing machine boasts an exceptional range of resistance that adapts seamlessly to your intensity level, ensuring an exhilarating and effective workout every time.


Crafted with your comfort in mind, the rower features wide straps that guarantee optimal foot placement, providing a stable foundation for your rowing experience. Achieve the perfect ergonomic rowing position, free from strain, as the compact tank design allows for easy and precise adjustments, enhancing your form and maximizing your results.


Stay motivated and informed with our Interactive Performance Monitor (IPM), which delivers a comprehensive display of your workout metrics. From time, speed, and distance, to stroke rate, calories burned per hour, and wattage output – track it all effortlessly. With 20 adjustable resistance levels, you have the power to tailor your sessions to your exact fitness goals.


Never lose track of your progress, as the rower offers the convenience of storing up to 6 previous workout memories, allowing you to monitor your improvements over time. Plus, our unique pacer system keeps you on track and motivated as you strive to conquer your fitness milestones.


Unleash your inner athlete with unmatched durability that makes maintenance worries a thing of the past. The Crest Fitness Water Rower is virtually maintenance-free, built to withstand rigorous commercial use while delivering consistent, smooth, and safe operation. The concealed Air-Glide Seat Rollers ensure an uninterrupted, clean glide as you power through your workout, and the rubber feet provide superior floor adhesion and protection.


Say goodbye to the struggle of transporting your fitness equipment – the built-in transport wheels make moving your rower a breeze. With a remarkable maximum user weight of 180 kgs, this water rower is designed to accommodate users of varying fitness levels.


Designed with your comfort and performance in mind, the ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip that minimizes strain on your forearms, wrists, and hands, allowing you to focus solely on your workout.


Elevate your fitness journey with the Crest Fitness Heavy Duty Commercial Water Rower. Embrace the power of water resistance, cutting-edge technology, and superior durability all in one. Experience a new era of rowing – bring home the Crest Fitness Water Rower today and redefine your fitness limits.

WATER ROWER (Made in Taiwan)

    • Heavy Duty Commercial Water Rower
    • Widest Range of Resistance is available
    • Wide straps are provided to ensure optimal foot placement and comfortable rowing position.
    • Compact tank design delivers ease of adjustment
    • Interactive Performance Monitor (IPM) : The IPM displays: time; speed; distance; stoke rate; calories per hour; wats; 20 level adjustment etc.
    • 6 previous workout memories and a unique pacer system.
    • Unmatched Durability – Virtually Maintenance Free
    • Ergonomic handle allows comfortable grip and minimised strain on forearms, wrists and hands.
    • Concealed Air-Glide Seat Rollers for safer and cleaner continuous smooth operation.
    • Rubber feet for adhesion to floor surfaces and to prevent damage.
    • Transport wheels for easy Mobility.
    • Maximum user weight : 180 kgs.

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