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Elevate your fitness routine with the Crest Fitness Smith + Squat Rack, a versatile powerhouse designed to take your strength training to the next level. Crafted with precision and innovation, this equipment combines functionality, safety, and style to offer you an unparalleled workout experience.


Uncompromising Build for Unmatched Performance

  • Sturdy Main Frame: The Smith + Squat Rack boasts a sleek flat oval tube main frame that not only exudes modern aesthetics but also ensures exceptional durability. It's a perfect blend of form and function.

  • Balanced Excellence: With a 10kg counter balance on each side, achieving seamless and controlled movements becomes second nature. Say goodbye to uneven lifts and welcome a harmonious workout session.


Certified Quality for Your Peace of Mind

  • EN ISO 20957-1 Approved: Rest easy knowing that the Crest Fitness Smith + Squat Rack meets the stringent standards set by EN ISO 20957-1, attesting to its top-tier quality and safety features.

  • EN957-2 Certified: The EN957-2 certification further underscores the rack's commitment to delivering a secure and effective workout environment. Your safety is our priority.


Space-Savvy Design, Expansive Benefits

  • Optimal Dimensions: Fit seamlessly into your home gym or fitness space with the rack's dimensions of 1450x2200x2300mm. Make the most of your area without compromising on functionality.

  • Smith + Squat Combo: Experience the best of both worlds with the Smith machine and squat rack integration. Enjoy a versatile range of exercises without cluttering your space with multiple equipment.


    • Main Frame: Flat oval tube
    • With 10kgs counter balance on each side
    • EN ISO 20957-1& EN957-2 approved
    • Size : 1450x2200x2300mm

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