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Skiing has become attainable for everyone with the Crest Fitness Ski Machine's remarkable pricing and top-notch performance. A standout feature of this machine is its ability to deliver an intense yet low-impact cardio workout, benefiting both cardiovascular health and strength training. Crafted with durability in mind, the Crest Fitness Ski Machine is a cutting-edge piece of equipment, featuring a user-friendly monitor that provides accurate real-time performance metrics.


Similar to the renowned Crest Indoor Rowers, this ski machine boasts comparable flywheel resistance and an advanced electronic monitoring system. Whether you're inclined towards a flat terrain simulation or an uphill challenge, the Crest Fitness Ski Machine is designed to cater to your preferences. Assembling the machine is a breeze, facilitated by the provided tools that empower you to get started promptly.


Enhanced Grip Comfort Experience the convenience of strapless handles on the ski machine, ensuring a secure and comfortable grip. Unlike traditional handles, these are designed not to absorb sweat, keeping you dry even during intense workouts in high-usage settings, ensuring a smooth and dry exercise session.


Innovative High-Strength Drive Cords At the heart of the Ski Machine's drive system are cutting-edge high-strength cords, surpassing the strength of steel. These lightweight cords, composed of resilient black cotton thread, contribute to a system that's highly responsive and exceptionally smooth in operation.


Advanced Performance Monitoring Setting the Crest Fitness Ski Machine apart from other cross-country training devices is its feature-rich yet user-friendly performance monitor. The 4.5-inch monitor offers precise assessment of your output, facilitates progress tracking, and enables score comparisons with fellow users. Each Crest Fitness Ski Machine is equipped with the latest LCD Performance Monitor, presenting key parameters such as Time, Calories, Distance, SPM (Strokes Per Minute), and Watt.


Customizable Resistance Levels Elevate your workout experience with the ski machine's 10 levels of adjustable resistance. This feature not only facilitates a low-impact cardio regimen but also effectively targets muscle groups including the Biceps, Elbows, Abdominals, Gluteus Maximus, Quadriceps, and Knees. With a maximum user weight capacity of 150kg, the Crest Fitness Ski Machine accommodates a wide range of users.

Embrace the Crest Fitness Ski Machine and embark on a journey of accessible and rewarding skiing-inspired workouts that cater to your fitness goals.






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Made with care and imagination, our ski gear is made to give users a soft but very strong workout. These machines work for both fitness lovers and top-level sports stars. They provide a full exercise for the heart and also concentrate on different muscle parts.


At Crest Fitness, we prioritize ensuring our fitness gear is of high quality and functions properly. Our skiing machines are easy to use, you can adjust the power levels and they have smart features. They are made for all types of fit people so everyone gets a good workout.


Enjoy the fun of indoor skiing with our great machines. They give a unique and helpful way to make your exercise better.


Look at our range of ski machines and see how Crest Fitness can improve your fitness trip with awesome tools. Choose Crest Fitness for the best in quality, originality and strength with their ski machines.



    • Resistance adjustable Windage adjustment:10 levels
    • Machine size:130*60*214cm
    • Packing size:132.5*67*59.5cm
    • Display Shows time, distance , speed , calories
    • Net Weight : 50 kgs , Gross Weight : 55 kgs


    Warranty :

    1 Year on Parts
    ( This does not cover wear & tear )

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