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Looking to embark on a fitness journey that truly delivers results? The Crest Fitness Magnum Series is here to redefine your workout experience. Crafted with precision and designed for excellence, this series is the epitome of performance and durability. Let's dive into the features that make it an unbeatable choice:


Sturdy Main Frame, Unshakable Confidence:

  • Our gym stations boast a robust large rounded rectangular pipe main frame, ensuring unwavering stability during your most intense workouts.


Supreme Comfort, PU Cushioning:

  • Train in comfort with our high-quality PU cushions, providing the perfect balance of support and luxury.


Unmatched Durability, One-Step Injection Moulding:

  • The ABS shroud, created through one-step injection moulding, guarantees long-lasting durability and sleek aesthetics.


Customizable Comfort, 5-Level Seat Adjustment:

  • Achieve your ideal workout position with our 5-level seat adjustment system, offering a versatile range from 0 to 100mm.


Precision Engineering, Alloy Steel Guide Rail:

  • Our gym stations feature guide rails made of alloy steel, ensuring smooth and precise motion throughout your routine.


Sleek Design, ABS Decoration Strip:

  • Elevate your fitness space with the eye-catching ABS decoration strip, marrying form and function seamlessly.


Effortless Movement, Engineering Aluminum Pulley:

  • The engineering aluminum pulleys provide fluid and silent operation, making your workouts a joy.


Comfortable Grip, PVC Handlebar:

  • Maintain a secure grip with our PVC handlebars, designed for maximum comfort and control.


Heavy-Duty Performance, Alloy Steel Weight Plate:

  • Push your limits with confidence, thanks to our heavy-duty alloy steel weight plates.


Built to Last, Stainless Steel Guide Rod:

  • The stainless steel hollow pipe guide rod is engineered for durability and performance, ensuring your fitness equipment stands the test of time.


Extreme Endurance, Stainless Steel Cables:

  • Our steel cables can handle a max load of 1000 kgs, having proven their mettle in a grueling 100,000-round endurance test.


Serious Resistance, 100 kgs Weight Stacks:

  • Customize your workouts with ease using our 100 kgs weight stacks, providing the perfect level of resistance for every exercise.


Certified Excellence, EN ISO 20957-1 & EN957-2 Approved:

  • Rest assured that our gym stations meet the highest industry standards, delivering safety and performance in one package.


    • Main Frame : Large Rounded Rectangular Pipe
    • Cushion : Made of PU
    • Shroud : ABS shroud with one step injection moulding
    • Seat Adjustment : 5 Level adjustment system, adjustable range : 0-100mm
    • Guide Rail : Made of alloy steel
    • Decoration Strip : ABS
    • Pulley : Made of Engineering Plastic
    • Handlebar : PVC
    • Weight Plate : Alloy Steel
    • Guide Rod : Stainless steel hollow pipe
    • Steel Cable : Max load 1000 kgs, Passed 100,000 rounds endurance test
    • Weight Stacks : 100 kgs
    • EN ISO 20957-1 & EN957-2 approved
    • Size : 1150x1790x1650mm

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