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Elevate your fitness journey with the Crest Fitness Curved Commercial Treadmill - Runner, a cutting-edge exercise machine designed to revolutionize your workout experience. Engineered to deliver unparalleled performance and unmatched durability, this treadmill is your gateway to a healthier, fitter you.


  • Unleash Your Potential with 1-8 Gear Motion Modes Discover a new level of challenge with our 1-8 Gear Motion Modes. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, the customizable motion modes allow you to tailor your workout intensity according to your fitness goals. From a brisk walk to an intense sprint, this treadmill caters to your every need.


  • Brake Mode with Magnet Resistance Adjustment Fine-tune your workout with our Brake Mode featuring Magnet Resistance Adjustment. Take full control of your workout intensity and enjoy a smoother, more controlled experience. Your fitness journey is in your hands, and our treadmill ensures you're always in command.


  • Designed for Lasting Performance Crafted with precision, the Crest Fitness Curved Commercial Treadmill features a Tracked High Strength Nylon Skeleton Running Belt. This advanced construction not only provides exceptional grip and support but also ensures that your treadmill stands the test of time, no matter how rigorous your training sessions are.


  • Stay Informed with LCD Display Keep track of your progress in real-time with the vibrant LCD Display. From monitoring your time and speed to tracking your distance covered and calories burned, every detail you need for an effective workout is at your fingertips.

Curve Commercial Treadmill – Runner

  • MOTION MODE 1-8 Gear , 3 motion modes
    BRAKE MODE                 Magnet Resistance Adjustment               
    RUNNING BELT MATERIAL Nylon Surface and Metal on the backside
    DISPLAY LCD Display showing time, calories, speed,.

    180 Kg

  • Warranty :

    Lifetime on Frame

    1 year on Parts
    ( This does not cover wear & tear )

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