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Are you ready to transform your fitness journey and take your cardiovascular workouts to the next level? Look no further than the Crest Fitness CFU 4900 Upright Bike, a powerhouse of features designed to elevate your exercise routine. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or a beginner, this cutting-edge upright bike is here to make your workouts more engaging, efficient, and enjoyable.


  • Revolutionary LED Display for Comprehensive Monitoring

Stay in control of your progress with the advanced LED display that showcases essential metrics right at your fingertips. Monitor your Pulse, Recovery, Time, RPM, Speed, Distance, Calories, Watt, and Heart Rate all in one place. With real-time data tracking, you can tailor your workouts to meet your goals and witness your improvements unfold.


  • Unleash Your Potential with 26 Levels of Tension Control

Experience the perfect blend of challenge and comfort with the 26 levels of tension control. Whether you're aiming for a gentle warm-up or an intense calorie-burning session, the adjustable tension system allows you to customize your resistance, ensuring a workout that's perfectly suited to your fitness level.


  • Sleek Design and Comfortable Adjustability

Designed with your comfort in mind, the Crest Fitness CFU 4900 Upright Bike features an ergonomic seat adjustment that ensures an ideal riding position for users of all shapes and sizes. The adjustable PU seat offers optimal support and comfort, while the easy-to-adjust pedal straps keep your feet secure, no matter how vigorous your workout becomes.


  • Engage Your Muscles with a Powerful 15 Kg Flywheel

Feel the difference of a smooth and consistent ride with the 15 Kg flywheel. This dynamic component offers fluid motion, replicating the sensation of outdoor cycling, and engaging your muscles for a challenging and effective workout.


  • Stay Connected with Built-in Mobile Holder

Don't let your fitness journey interrupt your connectivity. The built-in mobile holder allows you to keep your smartphone or tablet within arm's reach, so you can stay entertained or follow your favorite workouts, all while pedaling towards your fitness goals.

CFU 4900

  • • LED display showing Pulse, Recovery, Time, RPM, Speed, Distance, Calories, Watt, Heart Rate &
    • With self generator system
    • Adjustable pedal: Equipped with easy-to-adjust pedal straps.
    • 15 Kgs flywheel
    • 26 levels tension control system
    • Ergonomic seat adjustment
    • Hand grips with pulse sensor
    • Counter balance pedals
    • Adjustable PU seat
    • With Mobile holder

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