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Experience the pinnacle of performance and innovation with the Crest Fitness 5000 Commercial Treadmill. Engineered to redefine your workout journey, this cutting-edge treadmill combines power, precision, and comfort to deliver an unmatched fitness experience like never before.


  • Unleash Your Potential: Equipped with a robust 5.0 HP continuous motor, and a staggering 10.0 HP peak power, the Crest Fitness 5000 Commercial Treadmill offers an exhilarating range of speeds from 0.8 to 25 kmph. Whether you're sprinting, jogging, or walking, this treadmill adapts to your pace, making every session tailored to your fitness goals.


  • Innovative Incline Control: Elevate your training with the precise incline control, ranging from -3% for a challenging downhill experience to a motivating 15% uphill climb. The unique -3% declinable deck sets this treadmill apart, providing versatility that mimics various terrains, pushing your boundaries and enhancing your workout routines.


  • AI Cushioning Technology: Prioritize your joint health and comfort with the AI Cushioning Technology deck. This revolutionary shock absorption system not only minimizes impact on your knees and joints but also propels you forward with the perfect push-off, reducing the risk of injuries and ensuring a smooth and safe workout every time.


  • Immersive Workout Experience: Stay engaged and motivated with the 6 window LED display that showcases essential metrics – time, speed, distance, incline, calories, and heart rate. The matrix running feature adds a dynamic element to your workouts, keeping you focused as you conquer your fitness milestones.


CFT 5000 Commercial Tredmill

  • MOTOR 5.0 HP AC continuous (10.0 HP Peak)
    RUNNING SURFACE 23″ x 62″
    SPEED 0.8~25 kmph
    INCLINE Precise incline control from -3 ~ 15%

    6 window LED display showing time, speed, distance, incline, calories, heart rate & matrix running


    CUSHIONING AI Cushioning Technology deck for excellent shock absorption that provides suitable push off to reduce the possibility of any type of injury to knees and joints
    BELT Heavy duty 4 mm reliable orthopaedic running belt
    CONNECTIVITY MP3 connectivity with speakers
    HOLDERS Two cup / bottle holders
    Maximum User Weight 220 Kg
    System AC Driven System
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty, 5 Years Motor Warranty and 1 Year Parts Warranty.

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