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Elevate your fitness journey with the Crest Fitness CFE 2600 Elliptical Cross Trainer, a masterpiece of innovation and functionality designed to redefine your workout routines. Whether you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just embarking on your wellness adventure, this cutting-edge elliptical promises an exceptional exercise experience that you won't find anywhere else.


  • Unleash Your Potential: With an impressive 32 resistance levels, the CFE 2600 lets you customize your workout intensity, catering to all fitness levels. The 14 kgs flywheel ensures smooth and fluid motion, providing a natural feel that engages your muscles and maximizes calorie burn.


  • Challenge Yourself: Climb your way to success with the 15 Level Auto Incline feature, adding an extra dimension to your workouts. From gentle slopes to steep inclines, conquer new heights and push your limits while targeting different muscle groups for a well-rounded session.


  • Innovative Workout Variety: The Crest Fitness CFE 2600 offers both forward and reverse motions, offering endless workout possibilities. Switch up your routine on the fly and engage different muscle groups, ensuring you never hit a plateau and constantly progress towards your fitness goals.


  • Your Entertainment Companion: Stay motivated and entertained as you sweat it out! With an integrated MP3 player and speakers, you can groove to your favorite tunes while breaking a sweat. Let the music fuel your energy and keep you focused on reaching your milestones.


  • Smart, Sustainable, and Self-Powered: The self-generated system of the CFE 2600 harnesses your energy, making your workouts not only effective but also eco-friendly. Experience the satisfaction of powering your own workout and contributing to a greener planet.


CFE 2600

    • LED console readouts: incline, time, distance, calories, pulse, speed / rpm level
    • Level Control : 32 resistance levels
    • 14 kgs flywheel.
    • 15 Level Auto Incline.
    • Both forward & reverse mofions offer various workout opfions
    • Mp3 with speaker
    • Self Generated system.
    • Maximum user weight : 160 kg

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