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Discover the epitome of fitness equipment innovation with the Crest Fitness Cable Crossover Alpha. Crafted to perfection with a focus on quality and performance, this powerhouse of a machine is designed to transform your workout routine into a truly remarkable experience. Let's delve into what makes the Cable Crossover Alpha an extraordinary addition to your fitness space:


  • Cutting-Edge Design for Maximum Impact Built around a solid and sturdy steel frame, the Cable Crossover Alpha exudes an aura of strength and durability. Its main frame, with its distinctive flat oval tube design, not only adds to its visual appeal but also ensures unparalleled stability, allowing you to challenge yourself without holding back.


  • Engineered for Excellence, ISO Approved The Cable Crossover Alpha stands proudly endorsed by the prestigious EN ISO 20957-1 and EN 957-2 certifications. This seal of approval signifies its adherence to the highest global standards of quality, safety, and performance, instilling you with confidence as you engage in your fitness journey.


  • Dual Weight Stacks for Limitless Possibilities With not one, but two weight stacks each totaling a whopping 100kgs, the Cable Crossover Alpha empowers you to take control of your resistance training like never before. Customizable and adaptable, these weight stacks offer a wide spectrum of intensity levels to cater to every fitness goal, from sculpting to strengthening.


  • Elevate Your Fitness Ambitions Weighing in at 312 kgs, the Cable Crossover Alpha is a true heavyweight champion in the fitness world. This substantial mass ensures stability during your most rigorous workouts, providing you with a secure platform to push your limits and reach new heights of achievement.


  • Space-Savvy Design for Your Convenience Measuring 3860x715x2270mm, the Cable Crossover Alpha optimizes your space without compromising on functionality. Its well-thought-out dimensions make it a perfect fit for various workout environments, whether it's a home gym or a professional fitness center.


  • • Main Frame :Flat oval tube
    • EN ISO 20957-1& EN957-2 approved
    • Solid Body & Sturdy Steel Frame
    • Weight Stacks: 100kgs x 2
    • Weight: 312 kgs
    • Size :3860x715x2270mm

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