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Elevate your fitness journey to new heights with our ALPHA STRENGTH SERIES, thoughtfully designed to meet the highest European standards, EN ISO 20957-1 & EN957-2 approved. Discover the perfect fusion of innovation, durability, and performance in every aspect of this remarkable gym equipment series.


  • Sleek and Sturdy Main Frame

Our ALPHA STRENGTH SERIES boasts a main frame constructed from flat oval tube, providing exceptional stability and support for your intense workout sessions. This robust foundation ensures safety and longevity, allowing you to focus solely on achieving your fitness goals.


  • Luxurious Cushioning for Comfort

Sink into the luxurious comfort of our PU cushions while you work out. Crafted for both form and function, these ergonomic cushions provide the perfect blend of support and comfort, ensuring your fitness experience is second to none.


  • Premium Materials for Longevity

The ALPHA STRENGTH SERIES is built to last. Crafted with high-quality steel plate shrouds and alloy steel guide rails, this equipment is designed to withstand the test of time, even under heavy use. It's an investment in your fitness future.


  • Sleek and Modern Aesthetics

We believe that fitness equipment should not only perform exceptionally but also look stunning. Our decoration strips, made of ABS, add a touch of modernity and sophistication to your gym space, making it a place you'll be proud to train in.


  • Smooth and Silent Pulley System

Experience the smoothness of our engineering plastic pulleys, designed for seamless movement and minimal noise. Say goodbye to distractions and focus on your fitness journey with unbridled intensity.


  • Ergonomic PVC Handlebars

Your grip matters, and our PVC handlebars offer a secure and comfortable hold during your workouts. With these handlebars, you'll have the confidence to push your limits and achieve new personal bests.


  • Heavy-Duty Weight Plates

Alpha Strength Series weight plates are constructed from alloy steel, ensuring durability and reliability. They can withstand your most challenging workouts, offering you the resistance you need to achieve your fitness goals.


  • Stainless Steel for Precision

Our guide rods are crafted from stainless steel hollow pipes, providing unmatched precision and smoothness in your movements. Experience the ultimate in resistance training with equipment that's as precise as it is durable.


  • Unmatched Cable Strength

Our steel cable, capable of handling a maximum load of 1000kgs, has passed a grueling 100,000 rounds endurance test. Rest assured that your safety is our top priority, no matter how intense your workouts become.


  • Built for Every Body

With a maximum user weight of 150kgs, the ALPHA STRENGTH SERIES is inclusive, accommodating fitness enthusiasts of all levels and sizes.


    • Main Frame: Flat oval tube
    • Cushion: Made of PU
    • Shroud: Made of high quality steel plate
    • Guide Rail: Made of alloy steel
    • Decoration Strip: ABS
    • Pulley: Made of engineering plastic
    • Handlebar: PVC
    • Weight Plate: Alloy Steel
    • Guide Rod: Stainless steel hollow pipe
    • Steel cable: max load 1000kgs,
      passed 100,000 rounds endurance test
    • Max User Weight: 150kgs
    • Weight Stack: 100kgs
    • EN ISO 20957-1& EN957-2 approved
    • Size: 1600X1000X1535mm

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