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Unleash the power of your fitness journey with our state-of-the-art Heavy Duty Commercial Air Rower. Crafted with a solid steel frame, this robust marvel is designed to withstand the toughest of workouts, ensuring you're on track to achieve your fitness goals like never before.


Experience the perfect blend of challenge and comfort with our 8 levels of air-generated resistance. Customize your workout intensity as you progress, making every session a stepping stone towards a healthier you. And with wide straps that ensure impeccable foot placement, you'll find your optimal rowing position effortlessly, promising a comfortable and effective exercise experience.


Say goodbye to the hassle of relocation, thanks to the convenient transport wheels that make moving your rower a breeze. Our Heavy Duty Commercial Air Rower seamlessly fits into your lifestyle, wherever you choose to set it up.


Stay in the loop and track your progress with the LCD monitor that displays all your essential workout data. Keep an eye on your time, strokes, distance, and more as you row towards a fitter future. The high-quality cushioned seat guarantees long-lasting comfort, so you can focus solely on pushing your limits.


Adjustability meets precision with the adjustable footrest featuring numbered settings. Tailor your rower to your individual needs, ensuring every workout is a step towards surpassing your fitness aspirations.


With a remarkable maximum user weight of 160 kgs, the Crest Fitness Air Rower is built to accommodate various fitness levels, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and seasoned athletes alike.


Revolutionize your fitness routine with the Crest Fitness Heavy Duty Commercial Air Rower. It's not just a piece of equipment – it's your gateway to a stronger, healthier, and happier you. Commit to your wellness journey today!




    • Heavy Duty Commercial Air Rower .
    • Solid steel frame.
    • Air generated 8 levels resistance.
    • Wide straps are provided to ensure optimal foot placement and comfortable rowing position.
    • Transport wheels for easy movement
    • With LCD monitor that displays all workout data.
    • High quality cushioned seat.
    • Adjustable footrest with numbered sefing
    • Max. user weight: 160 Kgs

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