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Are you ready to embark on a fitness journey like never before? Look no further than our state-of-the-art Crest Fitness 4 Stations Premium Multi Gym JXS 003. Packed with innovative features and designed to maximize your workout potential, this multi gym is your gateway to a healthier, stronger you.


Space-Saving Elegance:

  • Say goodbye to crowded workout spaces! Our gym is intelligently designed to fit seamlessly into any corner of your home or gym, thanks to its compact footprint and weight stacks attached at right angles.


Unparalleled Workout Variety:

  • Experience a comprehensive workout regimen with a range of exercise functions, from leg curl and extension to chest press, shoulder press, pec fly, lat pull, rowing, and a myriad of high and low pulley exercises. You'll never run out of ways to challenge yourself.


Built to Last:

  • Our gym boasts a durable powder-coated finish that not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also ensures longevity, even with rigorous daily use. Rest assured, this investment will stand the test of time.


Ergonomic Excellence:

  • Scientifically designed biomechanics ensure that every exercise is executed with precision, minimizing the risk of injury and maximizing results. Feel the difference with every rep.


Smooth as Silk:

  • With highly flexible cables, you can enjoy a seamless and fluid workout experience. Say goodbye to jerky movements and hello to smooth, controlled exercises.


Comfort Redefined:

  • Our comfortable seat pads make sure that your workout is not only effective but also enjoyable. No more discomfort or distractions – just pure fitness.


Generous Weight Stacks:

  • Each of the three weight towers boasts a weight stack of 100 kgs, providing you with ample resistance to challenge your muscles and drive your progress.


Compact Yet Mighty:

  • Despite its space-saving design, this multi gym stands tall at 2738x2445x2160mm, offering a robust platform for your fitness journey.


Peace of Mind Warranty:

  • We stand behind our product's quality with a 1-year warranty on parts (wear and tear excluded). Your satisfaction is our priority.


    • 3 Station Gym with 3 weight towers having weight stacks of 100 Kgs each
    • Exercise Functions – Leg curl, Leg extension, Chest press, shoulder press, Pec fly, Lat pull, Rowing, and all high /low pulley exercises
    • comfortable seat pads & all the weight stacks attached at right angle for maximum space saving when placed in corner
    • Durable powder coated finish
    • Ergonomic Design / Scientific Biomechanics
    • Highly Flexible cable
    • Size 2738x2445x2160mm




      • 1 Year on Parts

    (This does not cover wear & Tear)

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