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Crest Fitness Power Cage – Your Ultimate Gym Companion!


  • Unleash Your Potential with Precision:

Are you ready to transform your workouts and supercharge your strength training journey? Look no further than the Crest Fitness Power Cage, designed with your fitness goals in mind.


  • Built to Dominate:

Our Power Cage boasts a robust construction, measuring a substantial 2035 x 1160 x 2275 mm. It's more than just equipment; it's a fortress of strength. With a maximum loading capacity of a whopping 300 kgs, it's ready to handle your most demanding lifts, squats, and bench presses with ease.


  • Versatility Beyond Compare:

With the Crest Fitness Power Cage, you're not limited to just one exercise. This powerhouse is your ticket to an array of workout possibilities. From squats that sculpt your lower body to bench presses that build your chest and pull-ups that define your back, this cage does it all. Your fitness routine just got a whole lot more exciting.


  • Resistance Redefined:

Take your training to the next level with built-in band pegs. They open up a world of possibilities for resistance workouts, allowing you to target specific muscle groups and challenge your limits. Elevate your gains with every rep.


    • Dimensions : 2035 x 1160 x 2275 mm
    • Also has band pegs for additional resistance workouts
    • Used for multiple exercises like squats , bench press , pull ups etc .
    • Powder Coatings: 5 Rounds
    • Maximum Loading Capacity : 300 kgs

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