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Discover a new level of fitness with the Crest Fitness CFU 5000 Upright Bike, a cutting-edge exercise machine designed to elevate your workout routine. Engineered with the latest technology and an array of exceptional features, this bike is your gateway to a healthier, more energized lifestyle.


  • Immersive LED Display for Enhanced Performance Tracking

Monitor your progress in real time with the LED display that showcases essential metrics including Pulse, Recovery, Time, RPM, Speed, Distance, Calories, Watt, and Heart Rate. Stay motivated as you track your achievements and witness your fitness journey unfold before your eyes.


  • Revolutionary Self-Generator System

Experience limitless power with the self-generator system, transforming your pedal strokes into energy that fuels your workout. Say goodbye to cords and outlets – the Crest Fitness CFU 5000 is powered by your own effort.


  • Versatile Programs to Suit Your Goals

Choose from 12 dynamic programs such as Manual, Interval, Weight Loss, and Fit Test, offering a variety of challenges to keep you engaged and progressing towards your fitness goals. Whatever your objectives may be, this bike has a program tailored just for you.


  • Smooth and Silent 16 Kg Flywheel

The 16 Kg flywheel guarantees a smooth, whisper-quiet ride, ensuring that your workout remains uninterrupted and comfortable. Get lost in the rhythm of your ride as you conquer each mile.


  • Tailored Tension Control for Every Fitness Level

With its 20-level tension control system, the Crest Fitness CFU 5000 provides a customizable workout experience suitable for users of all fitness levels. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, this bike adapts to challenge you just right.

CFU 5000

  • • LED display showing Pulse, Recovery, Time, RPM, Speed, Distance, Calories, Watt, Heart Rate &
    • With self generator system
    • 12 programs :Manual, Interval, Weight Loss, Fit Test Etc.
    • 16 Kgs flywheel
    • 20 levels tension control system
    • Ergonomic seat adjustment
    • Hand grips with pulse sensor
    • Counter balance pedals
    • Adjustable PU seat
    • With bottle, Ipad & Mobile holder

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