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Unleash the power of your fitness journey with the Crest Fitness CFE 4000 Spin Bike, a masterpiece engineered to elevate your workout experience to unprecedented heights. Crafted with precision and designed for durability, this spin bike is a testament to excellence in both form and function.


  • Built to Last: Sturdy Structure with Heavy Duty Crank Experience unwavering stability and unyielding support as you pedal your way to fitness glory. The robust construction and heavy-duty crank ensure that your spin bike remains a steadfast companion, even during the most intense training sessions. Say goodbye to wobbling and discomfort – the Crest Fitness CFE 4000 Spin Bike stands strong, every pedal of the way.


  • Customizable Comfort: Fully Adjustable Seat Achieve the perfect fit that's tailored to your body's unique contours. The fully adjustable seat offers personalized comfort, allowing you to find the ideal riding position for optimal performance. Embrace the joy of comfortable cardio, free from distractions, and focused solely on your fitness goals.


  • Luxurious Cushioning: PU Foam with Synthetic Leather Indulge in a premium workout experience with the luxurious PU foam and synthetic leather combo. Plush comfort meets durability, making each session a delightful journey for your body and mind. The smooth feel against your skin and the firm support beneath you elevate every spin into a truly immersive adventure.


  • Unmatched Resistance: Variable Linear Increase Chase your personal bests with the Crest Fitness CFE 4000 Spin Bike's variable linear resistance. Feel the challenge intensify as you conquer each level, pushing your limits and forging new heights of strength and endurance. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, the adaptability of this spin bike ensures it's always in sync with your fitness aspirations.


  • Commanding Flywheel: 22 kgs of Superior Performance Experience the smooth, consistent motion of the 22 kg flywheel as it propels you toward your fitness aspirations. The precision engineering guarantees a ride that's as fluid as it is efficient, giving you the sensation of cycling on the open road from the comfort of your own home.



CFS 4000

    • Sturdy structure with heavy duty crank
    • Fully adjustable seat
    • Stuffing : PU foam with synthetic leather
    • Resistance levels : Variable linear increase
    • Flywheel Size : 22 kgs
    • Transport wheels for easy movement
    • Maximum User Weight : 150 Kgs

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