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Discover a new level of fitness with the Crest Fitness CFR 4400 Light Commercial Recumbent Bike, meticulously designed to provide you with an unparalleled exercise experience. Equipped with cutting-edge features and advanced technology, this recumbent bike offers both comfort and performance, making it the ideal choice for your home gym or light commercial setting.


  • Crystal Clear LCD Display for Comprehensive Monitoring Stay motivated and informed during your workouts with the vivid LCD display that showcases essential metrics including Pulse, Recovery, Time, RPM, Speed, Distance, Calories, Watt, Heart Rate, and Resistance. Monitor your progress in real-time and keep your fitness goals within reach.


  • Effortlessly Harness Your Energy with Power Generation System Experience innovation like never before with the integrated power generation system. As you pedal towards your fitness goals, you're not only burning calories but also generating energy. This eco-friendly feature adds an exciting twist to your workout routine while contributing to sustainable energy use.


  • Smooth and Dynamic 10 Kg Flywheel Engage in a seamless and fluid workout session thanks to the precision-engineered 10 kg flywheel. The smooth rotation ensures a consistent and enjoyable cycling experience, allowing you to push your limits without sacrificing comfort.


  • Tailored Intensity with 8 Levels Tension Control Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, the 8 levels of tension control provide a customizable workout experience. Adjust the resistance to match your fitness level and gradually progress as you build strength and endurance.


  • Personalized Comfort with Ergonomic Seat Adjustment Finding your perfect fit has never been easier. The ergonomic seat adjustment feature allows you to tailor the bike's seating position to your individual preferences, ensuring optimum comfort during every session.


  • Stay Connected and Informed with Pulse Sensors Maintain a steady grip on your health by utilizing the built-in pulse sensors located on the hand grips. Keep an eye on your heart rate and make informed decisions about your workout intensity to achieve maximum results.


  • Stability and Balance with Counter Balance Pedals The counter-balance pedals provide a secure footing, allowing you to focus solely on your workout without distractions. Enjoy stability and balance throughout your entire routine, no matter how intense it gets.


  • Luxurious Comfort with Adjustable PU Seat Experience the ultimate comfort with the adjustable PU seat that conforms to your body's contours. Whether you're going for a short ride or an extended session, this seat ensures you'll remain comfortable and supported.


  • Robust Design for Maximum User Weight of 140 Kgs The Crest Fitness CFR 4400 is built to withstand rigorous workouts, accommodating a maximum user weight of 140 kgs. Its durable construction guarantees a long-lasting investment in your fitness journey.



    • LCD display showing Pulse, Recovery, Time, RPM, Speed, Distance, Calories, Watt , Heart Rate & Resistance
    • With power generated system
    • 10 Kgs flywheel
    • 8 levels tension control system
    • Ergonomic seat adjustment
    • Hand grips with pulse sensor
    • Counter balance pedals
    • Adjustable PU seat
    • Maximum User Weight : 140 Kgs

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