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  • 🏋️‍♂️ Heavy Duty Steel Structure: Built to Endure Crafted from robust heavy-duty steel, the Crest Fitness CFS 4600 FAN AIR BIKE is your ultimate companion for an intense workout. Its sturdy construction ensures lasting durability, allowing you to push your limits day after day.


  • 🌟 LCD Monitor for Comprehensive Tracking: Your Progress, Your Way The LCD monitor on the Crest Fitness CFS 4600 provides real-time feedback on essential workout metrics – time, distance, speed, calories, watts, heart rate, and interval settings. Stay informed, motivated, and always in control of your fitness journey.


  • ⚙️ Advanced Transmission System: Precision in Motion Equipped with a combination of Chain + V Belt dry system, this air bike delivers smooth and precise pedaling action. Every stroke counts, ensuring a seamless and effective workout session.


  • 4 Way Quick Release Seat Adjustment: Customized Comfort Achieve the perfect fit with our innovative 4-way quick release seat adjustment. Tailor the bike to your body's unique dimensions, enabling you to exercise comfortably and without distractions.


  • 💪 Universal Ball Joint for Stability: Designed to Endure Built with a universal ball joint, the Crest Fitness CFS 4600 offers unmatched stability and durability. This smart design guarantees a solid platform for your workouts, ensuring consistency and reliability over the long term.


  • 🛋️ Enhanced Comfort with Extra Seat Padding: A Luxurious Ride Say farewell to discomfort with the extra-padded seat that the CFS 4600 offers. Experience premium comfort even during extended sessions, allowing you to focus solely on breaking your personal fitness barriers.


  • 🚴‍♂️ Transport Wheels for Convenience: Effortless Mobility No more heavy lifting – the built-in transport wheels make moving your air bike a breeze. Effortlessly reposition it to your desired spot, transforming your workout space with ease.


  • 🏆 Maximized User Weight of 150 Kgs: Built for Everyone The Crest Fitness CFS 4600 FAN AIR BIKE welcomes users of all shapes and sizes with its impressive maximum user weight capacity of 150 Kgs. Embrace a fitness journey that's tailored to you, regardless of your starting point.


    • Heavy duty steel structure with 25ʺ FAN
    • LCD monitor showing time, distance, speed, calories, watts, heart rate & interval settings.
    • Transmission : Chain + V Belt dry system
    • 4 way quick release seat adjustment
    • Universal ball joint provides stability & durability for long term workout.
    • Extra padding on seat for best comfort
    • Transport wheels
    • Max. User Weight : 150 Kgs.

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