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Working out on a seated cable row helps develop back and forearm muscles. It proves a remarkable compound exercise that helps develop the middle back and work the arm muscles as well. The exercise is performed on a weighted horizontal cable machine with a bench and footplates. Like every other exercise, you should perform a seated cable row correctly to avoid injuries and stress. So, here’s how to do the seated cable row exercise.

Steps to Perform a Seated Cable Row Appropriately

Maintaining the right posture, form and performing the movements correctly is critical while working out on a seated cable row. The steps include the following. However, it is advisable to do the exercise under expert guidance, at least initially.

  • Sit on the bench with your knees bent and hold the cable attachment.

  • Bend your knees slightly to reach and hold the handle with outstretched arms without curling the lower back over.

  • Brace the abdominals and prepare yourself to row.

  • Pull the handle and weight back toward the lower abdomen (Note: Do not use the row’s momentum excessively by moving the torso backward with the arms).

  • Focus on the middle to upper back by maintaining a straight back and squeezing your shoulder blades together while rowing, keeping your chest out.

  • Return the handle under tension to a complete stretch. Keep your back straight although flexed at the hips.

  • Repeat the movement for the prescribed number of times.

How Does Performing a Seated Cable Row Benefit Your Body?

Exercising on seated cable row benefits in various ways. Some include the following.

  • Avoids Injury

A seated cable row exercise benefits the back muscles, specifically the latissimus dorsi. It strengthens the latissimus dorsi and provides more stability to the shoulders and prevents injury. Thus, people involved in activities or sports involving extensive shoulder movements can benefit significantly from a seated cable row.

  • Build Strength

A seated cable row is a functional exercise, as it involves pulling the row towards your chest. Hence, it helps build strength in the long run.

  • Prevent Back Pain

The exercise helps strengthen the upper back muscles. Hence, it helps prevent back pain. Performing strengthening exercises for the body’s backside is more effective than doing general exercises that aim to heal lower back pain.

  • Enhances Throwing Power

Performing a seated cable row can benefit you if you are involved in activities or exercises requiring you to lift or throw something. It is because the exercise helps develop the shoulder muscles and increase their power.

Note: Consult your doctor or physical therapist if you have an existing or past shoulder or lower back injury. You should perform the exercise or avoid it based on their recommendation. Also, stop the exercise if you feel sharp pain to avoid further injury.

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