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6 Reasons You Should Do a Stair Climber Workout Regularly

Stair climbing is one of the best exercises for boosting cardiovascular health, fostering weight loss, and contributing to an individual’s overall fitness. So, with a treadmill and elliptical, here’s why you should have a stair climber and indulge in a stair climber workout regularly.

6 Advantages of Performing a Stair Climber Workout

Here are six reasons that make performing a stair climber workout necessary.

  • Relieve Lower-Back Pain

Working out on a stair climber machine helps activate the glues and release lower back pressure. Hence, it proves an excellent alternative to ease lower back pain that has become a common problem, considering the sedentary lifestyle and working patterns that almost everyone lives with these days.

But remember, you may want to avoid working out on a stair climber if you experience knee pain. Since stair climbing is a high-impact exercise, it can stress the knee and aggravate the pain. In such cases, working out on an elliptical will prove more beneficial.

  • Strengthen Leg and Butt Muscles

Exercising on a stair climber engages various lower body muscles, enabling you to strengthen them. Since the machine offers a broader range of motion, it forces you to support your entire body weight with a single leg. The exercise primarily activates the glutes and quadriceps, strengthening the leg and butt muscles in the long run.

  • Support Weight Loss

A stair climber allows you to combine strength training with cardio. Hence, while building muscles, you also tend to burn more calories and thus shed more pounds. However, since a stair climber involves working out only the lower body muscles, complement it with an expert-recommended and suitable upper body workout to further give momentum to your weight loss endeavors.

  • Enhance Core Strength

Working out on a stair climber helps activate two core muscles, the lower back, and glutes. As you maintain an upright torso while exercising on the machine, you strengthen your core muscles.

  • Improve Cardiovascular Health

Stair climbing involves extensive physical movements that help raise the heart rate, which in turn can translate to a strengthened and healthy heart.

  • Easy to Perform

Another significant reason to use a stair climber and perform stair climbing exercises is that it is easy to perform. From beginners to seasoned fitness enthusiasts, almost everyone can perform stair climbing without discomfort or requiring extensive practice.

Things to Remember While Performing a Stair Climber Workout

While exercising on a stair climbing machine is pretty straightforward, here are some things to remember while working out on a stair climber.

  • Kicking backward between steps

  • Being on the toes at all times while exercising

  • Sidestepping or turning in circles

  • Work out with a poor posture

Now that you know why a stair climber workout is necessary, get a stair climber machine and work yourself towards a stronger body and better health. Crest Fitness offers a range of stair climber machines that can help contribute to your exercise regimen and help you accomplish your fitness goals. Click to explore Crest Fitness’s stair climber machine range and choose the one best suited to earn a competitive health advantage.

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